Introducing Drive Thru Powered by Voice AI

Fast & Accurate Ordering

Hello, I'm TORI.
Here to take your order, accurately

TORI™ takes 100% of orders and integrates with your POS, KDS, headsets, and speaker posts

  • Faster Speed of Service

    Instant & accurate responses, with zero wait time

  • Consistent & Relevant Upselling

    Increase average check with customized recommendations

  • Generate More Revenue

    TORI™ drives revenue, reduces labor & enhances guest experience

How It Works

Step 1

Guests order from speaker post, like they normally do

Step 2

TORI™ quickly and accurately takes orders, and easily integrates with your POS, KDS

Step 3

Guests pull up to receive their food and enjoy their meal

TORI™ to the Rescue

Popeyes customers love TORI!

TORI surprises and delights customers

More Use Cases

Popeyes customers love TORI!

TORI surprises and delights customers

Jordy orders from TORI

TORI got the order 100% right

TORI was great!

Repeat customers! TORI brings them back

Boston-based AI company launches new drive-thru system called ‘TORI’

WHDH - 7 News Boston, an NBC affiliate, previews the release of TORI.

I Just Want My Order Right The First Time

With TORI you get your food faster, more accurately and an overall better guest experience

The Drive Thru Wait Game

Everyone’s been there. You’re starving and want to grab a quick bite...then the wait begins...and the frustration continues.

Your Drive Thru Needs TORI™

Tired of your customers waiting, getting the wrong food, and ultimately having a negative brand experience?